The Walker Wine Club

Walker Wine Club: Delivering Hand-Selected Fine & Rare Wines

What we’re offering

The opportunity to receive a thoughtful selection of great wines on your schedule and on your budget. For those seeking quality wine consistently brought to their door, and those interested in expanding their wine knowledge, this is a Club designed to remove the stress and deliver the joy of fine wine.

Historically, if you were interested in learning more about wine, you would develop a rapport with a local merchant. As life moves increasingly on-line, we’re further away from those personal relationships and the experiences they provide. That’s why Walker Wine Company has established its Wine Club, to bring a tailored selection of wines to customers who want something more from their wine experiences.

If you know nothing except the basics (wine is fermented grape juice) or you regularly hold court with your friends on the nuances of soil types in the Northern Rhone (very impressive indeed), the goal is the same – to drink and share quality wines that both hold our interest and are within our budgets.

The Walker Wine Club experience is meant to be a conversation. Let us know what you like, what you’d prefer to avoid, and what you’re curious about. It’s our job to listen and keep you interested.

At the start of any subscription, you have the option to choose the focus of what you receive.

Keep It Casual

A general approach to important wine regions and producers

Recent & Current Releases

French, California and Italian wines that are both ready to drink and age-worthy

Old & Rare Focus

A beautiful selection of well-aged bottles of exemplary provenance

Client Specific Direction

Producers, Regions, Vintages you are most interested in receiving