2008 Kikuhume, Daiginjo "B.Y. - Library Release" Sake 720ml

2008 Kikuhume, Daiginjo "B.Y. - Library Release" Sake 720ml

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Yokowa AAA Rated Yamada Nishiki milled to 50%

The B.Y. (Brew Year) is aged for one year before release in June every year. This rare Library Release has been carefully aged for a decade before release.

Complex melon notes with hazelnut and an earthiness brought out by extended aging, all contrasted by a big structure and chewy texture that broaden the flavor and make it exceedingly complex.

Pairs beautifully with a broad range of food, excellent with simple preparations of white fish and vegetables but bold enough to pair with fatty tuna, pork and richer flavors.

After 12 years of aging brewery thinks it has reached a beautiful state, but will continue to develop over the next few years.

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