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NV Shishi no Sato, Junmai Ginjo Sparkling "Sen" Sake 375ml

NV Shishi no Sato, Junmai Ginjo Sparkling "Sen" Sake 375ml

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Matsuura Shuzo was founded in 1772 in the mountain town of Yamanaka Onsen, famed for centuries for its hot spring baths and dedicated craftspeople. Under the guidance of 14th generation owner-brewmaster Fumiaki Matsuura they have developed an understated but compelling style of sake sought after by connoisseurs. Subtle aromas, clean, clear flavors and a structure with strength and backbone. Primarily only enjoyed locally in Ishikawa and at a select number of restaurants in Tokyo, we are lucky to see a bit of Shishi no Sato sake in the US.

  • A soft and delicately sparkling sake with fresh and clean aromas of sweet steamed rice, very light sweetness contrasted by fine bubbles.
  • Beautiful as an aperitif but pairs well with summer salads, seafood pasta or fresh cut fruit. The maker loves to match it with fresh cut persimmon and brie cheese.
  • Effervescence produced by natural secondary fermentation in the bottle producing fine textured bubbles.
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